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A new chapter

Added on by Chip Lay.

As it is often said, all good things must come to an end, and with the start of the new year, Hybrid has closed its doors for business.

I'm so greatful for all of the amazing and talented people I've had the joy of working with over the years, teammates, partners and clients from around the world.  We started Hybrid back in 2006 with a passion and vision of making the world a better place - using our talents to solve meaningful problems - and I think we've had great success along the way.  

I will be continuing that passion by joining the product team at Relay Foods, an online marketplace for sustainable foods & everyday groceries.  We have an incredible team of designers, engineers, strategiest, thinkers and tinkerers that are determined to change the way our country thinks about food.  Its going to be a wild ride as the market for online groceries is heating up, but Relay has the vision and commitment to local, sustainable partnerships that I believe is the key to building community, promoting local economy and encouraging healthy living.  

Thank you again to everyone who has supported and encouraged me during my time at Hybrid, I'm excited about sharing more about this next chapter as it unfolds!

Rusty Lay - Product Designer Extraordinaire 
Jo Albright - iOS Sensei @ The Iron Yard ATL
Alan Crissey - Frontend Dev Craftsman
Pedro Oliveria - Motion Graphics Guru

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